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About me

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My car

I'm also a bit of a car enthusiast. My dad has been a Mercedes-Benz technician for over 30 years so all my cars have been Mercedes cars. Not that I'm rich. It's actually cheaper for me to own a Mercedes because my dad has the hook up on parts and he has mechanics to do the labor. This is actually the first car I purchased myself. I had three other cars along the years but they were passed down to me from my dad. Its a 2010 Mercedes E550, it's not an AMG, but it's no slouch either. If you're actually curious, it has 382 HP and 391 lb-ft of torque. So far I've mostly done cosmetic mods. I replaced my resonator with an X-pipe and replaced my mufflers. Makes the sound a V8 should. My future plans for it is to get an ECU tune (hopefully bring my numbers over 400), get a front lip, side lip, rear diffuser, new exhaust tips, and a lip spoiler. I'd also like to get some forged rims, I've been looking at Work Wheels Zeast ST1 in Imperial Gold (pictured above). I'm not sure if I want 19s or 20s yet, currently I have 19s on my car. I'm also open to the idea of changing my exhaust headers, but there aren't a lot of options for me. The 1995 Mazda RX-7 FD3S is my friend's car by the way.



My Bike

I'm also a motorcycle enthusiast. I've been riding for about five years. The yellow bike, a 2005 Suzuki GSXR600 was my first bike. I sold it to a coworker a few years ago. My current bike is a 2012 Harley-Davidson V-Rod 10th Anniversary Edition. I started commuting more on my motorcycle and the GSXR was too uncomfortable for that so I decided to get the Harley. It's a great bike. I used to go to the International Motorcycle Show when it was hosted in San Mateo, but now the only one in California is in Long Beach, hopefully one of these years I can make my way down there and see it again. I also participated in The Bay Area Delinquents "Tour De Bay" ride, I probably won't ever do it again, but it was an experience. I'd like to do a road trip one day on my bike, but I need more friends who ride. I'd rather not go it alone, but I might have to just toughen up and go by myself.




I've spent the last five years playing this massive multiplayer online game called Guild Wars 2. This is my main character, Peachy Panic. I'm also interested in other video games. My favorite games include the Mass Effect franchise, Saints Row 3, GTA 4 and 5, Need For Speed, Overwatch, and some others.


Pinecrest Lake.jpg


I love camping, especially now in the day and age where we're always "connected." It's nice to go out into the wilderness where my phone gets no bars and disconnect from everything. My dad started taking me camping when I was really young and I usually go camping every year. One of my favorite places isn't too far from here, San Mateo Memorial Park near Half Moon Bay is a really nice place to camp. There are a lot of red woods and wilderness in general, lots of hiking and trails. Lake Tahoe is also another favorite. I rode to Pinecrest (pictured above) a couple years ago for camping, it was about a 150 mile ride. I'd like to ride up to Tahoe or Reno one day, now that my cousins live in Reno. 



milk tea

I drink milk tea like every week. My favorite is actually just plain old regular milk tea. I've tried various flavors like Hokkaido, Peach, Strawberry, Chocolate, Earl Grey, etc, but after all that I prefer regular milk tea the best. My favorite place is Tapioca Express in Union City, I've been going there for over ten years! Recently, while I've been studying at General Assembly, I've been going to i-Tea on Kearny in San Francisco. Both have great milk tea. The worst milk tea I ever had was in Pittsburgh, PA at some random Vietnamese Pho restaurant. 



my favorite reaction gifs

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