UX/Product Designer in the Bay Area.


About Me

about me


Hi, I'm a UX Designer living and working in the Bay Area. West coast best coast!

I'm an empathetic designer for a diverse pool of users because I've filled many shoes in my life. My background in graphic design informs my UX problem solving and helps me build wireframes and prototypes effortlessly.

I've lived in the Bay Area my entire life and the traffic is terrible, but the food and culture is pretty good. I'm a lifetime 49ers fan, Garoppolo and Shanahan finally breathing some life again into the team. Luckily, we also have the Golden State Warriors to represent the Bay. Photography is one of my many hobbies, you can view some of my work here.


My Hats

This is my hat collection. It's modest but I'm still growing it. If you hire me, I can buy more!



this is oreo

He's the favicon.




I am somewhat of a car enthusiast. My dad has been a Mercedes-Benz technician for almost 40 years so I've only driven Mercedes my whole life. This is my fourth car, a 2010 E550. It's not an AMG but it's got enough power for now. I like to attend car meets on the weekends, usually ones that are near a milk tea place. I love milk tea by the way. The top photos was a car meet hosted by NorCal Benz United, they're a Bay Area Mercedes enthusiast group. It had a pretty good turn out and they had a little potluck so we all got to mingle.


V-Rod 5 mask.jpg


I've been riding motorcycles for about five years now. Currently, I only have the Harley, it's a 2012 10th Anniversary Edition V-Rod. The yellow bike was a 2005 Suzuki GSXR600.