UX/Product Designer in the Bay Area.

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chain app


about chain

Chain is the iPhone app that lets people Post Together.

Chain exists because people experience things together and want to share things together - from concerts and games to parties and road trips - but they can’t. Today’s social media apps limit us to 1-off, 1-off posts that result in fun, cool, and memorable stuff getting scattered and forgotten.

Chain is different. Chain lets you Post Together and enjoy Joint Posts whenever and wherever you desire.

Team: Milton Lin (UX Designer), Alec O'Grady (UX Designer), and Carly Johnson (UX Designer)
Time: 3 Weeks
Tools: Sketch, Photoshop, Gliffy



Connect with avid users who then spread the word about Chain to others.

Because students use lots of social media apps - Snapchat and Instagram in particular - we have to pique their interest almost instantly.

  • What do I post?
  • Where are my friends?
  • Connect new users with the "Ah-ha" moment. The moment users add content to a Chain.


  • Integrate “inspiration” into natural user flows.

  • Streamline “user create chain” flow.

  • More intuitive method for adding and inviting friends.

  • Creating a more intuitive hierarchy of features


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