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Gym Wearable


Gym Wearable


How many times have you gone to the gym only to find the equipment you want to use is left dirty by the last person who used it? It shouldn't be your responsibility to keep gym equipment clean, what are you paying them for? Well here's a solution, a gym wearable app with a function to notify gym employees about dirty or broken equipment so they can quickly rectify the situation.

Role: Full Stack UX Designer
Time: One Week
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, MarvelApp



Claire's (User Persona) pain point is that when she goes to the gym, equipment is left dirty by the previous user. She doesn't believe it's her responsibility to clean up after others.


A gym wearable app with a feature that will allow you to notify gym staff of dirty or broken equipment and quickly respond.


If you would like to skip the research, you can jump to the Mock Ups.




Sketch 1.png

These are the first sketches. Worked out some windows and pop-ups. User research showed that the Stop Watch, Heart Rate Monitor, and Interval Timer would be useful apps to have at the gym.

Sketch 2.png

Details were fleshed out here. In hind-sight it didn't make sense to do this on the cell-phone template since it wasn't a cell-phone app, but the screen shape and size that was on the paper seemed pretty accurate because it was small. But it turns out the shape was incorrect, it was too long and some of the windows didn't work as they're shown here.

Sketch 3.png

Took my design off of the cell-phone template to a more accurate representation of size and dimensions on a wearable app. Sketching on this page happened simultaneously with the paper prototype. Working out some details on pop-ups so they would fit and writing criticism from the flash-dating activity (where we had users in the class use our prototype for 5 minutes at a time).



Paper Prototype

Paper Prototype.png

This is the paper prototype used for speed-dating. There is another piece of paper with a smart watch outline and a screen hole that could slide over my prototype as users pushed buttons to simulate the screens changing. The yellow post-its were pop-ups for number pads and other inputs.



Final Sketch

Sketch 4.png

This is the final sketch. User feedback showed that the "Help 1" screen with the Emergency button was not useful and created an extra step for the main user flow.


"Who would use this emergency button in a real emergency?"



Some of the wording was updated to be clearer. Changed "Timer" to "Interval Timer," "Repair Clean" to "Service Machine." Changed the language on some of buttons including "Enter" to "Next" and "Enter" to "Start."





Splash Screen      Home Screen      Equipment Service

This is a mock-up of the main user flow. Claire would approach her equipment, find out it was dirty, click on the "Equipment Service" button and fill out the form. The wearables would be connected to a in-gym network with an interface on the gym computers for staff to see alerts about dirty and broken equipment.


Interval Timer 1       Interval Timer 2       Heart Rate Monitor       Stop Watch

It didn't make sense to make an app to only document dirty or broken equipment. User and market research showed that these other applications were the most commonly used applications at the gym or working out. They include a high-intensity interval timer, heart rate monitor, and stop watch.



prototype demo


Hand Mockup.jpg


The main goal of this project was to create an interactive paper prototype to test with, I accomplished this. I would've liked to explore other options to solve Claire's pain point. I'd also like to do more research into seeing if this could be an Apple Watch or Samsung Gear app so the gym wouldn't have to provide their own wearables. The problem then becomes how the app communicates with the specific gym that the user is in the report dirty or broken equipment. There could be a sign-in process within the app where you choose your location, or it can use GPS to determine your location. This would be a lot cheaper than my idea while still maintaining the application that I created.



Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, MarvelApp